Man with biro behind ear

Man with biro behind ear

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The ‘man with a biro behind his ear’ sounds remarkably like the makings of a good children’s story. Then again, it would probably be a better story if it was the man with the marshmallow behind his ear. Or a ferret… though I doubt one would fit.

Speaking on furry squirmy things, that’s what Saffron and Licorice were like tonight. They get the great joy of visiting chateau de Andrew for a couple of days. Of course after being ‘placed’ in respective cat cages I’m sure that they would dispute my use of the word joy. It’s probably as inaccurate as the use of the word ‘placed’. Have you actually heard of someone who successfully ‘placed’ a cat inside a cat cage. No, I thought not. I got out of it with only 3 scratches.

Upon arrival at the mansion that is chateau de Andrew withint 10 minutes of their release from those rectangular prisons, the girls had emerged from under the bed and decided a nap on the top would be far more comfortable!

I know that I’ll be jealous of them at 5:30 tomorrow morning when they are still snoozing and I’m on my way to the airport. I’m flying Qantas. Not being an airline buff, I wasn’t sure whether an A380 was an old or new plane; domestic or international; reliable or subject to the odd bad hair day. However the internet knows all – no cancelled flights for moi!

As I write this, Saffron has continued her fixation with the wall. 4 has a resident possum which warms itself each night in the chimney. He or she is not exactly skinny and makes considerable noise when moving around in there. This is such a novelty for Saffron – the walls at home must seem so deathly boring in comparison.

On an entirely different topic, I added a new dish to my commute this week. Together with music, twitter, flickr, internet surfing and occasionally facebook (not my favourite), I now have a blog reader. At this stage, I have very few blogs in my RSS feed. Do you have any recommendations for me?


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