Jesus on a skateboard

‘Hey flip, look… Jesus on a skateboard! You don’t see that everyday.’

‘No you don’t.’

But see one I did – hurtling down Macquarie Street Sydney on a Saturday night near Halloween.

If I was expecting the traditional witches, black cats and pumpkins this Halloween then I would have been sadly disappointed. Halloween has become an almost anything goes style fare. In addition to the usual suspects of corpse brides were plenty of angels, a tranvestite doctor of death and this top hat wearing butcher.
The butcher
To this recipe, you need to add goths, corsetry on every corner, chains, red laces and heels easily used as weapons. I spotted a vampire, a flock of french maids and a girl all in white who looked like she was looking for race day and missed the directions to Melbourne. Also looking decidedly lost were the pair in full length koala suits – you know the ones? Like the wildlife charity used to have. Even stranger it appeared they were trying to gain entry into a Sydney nightclub. The bouncers looked less than impressed and two sad bears were last seen heading north.
Finally on the Halloween topic, there was an interesting duo at Erskineville railway station. Alas I do not have a clear photograph of them, so my description will have to suffice. She was dressed as the devil – complete with horns and an exceptionally tight red sequined dress flaunting her stunning figure. She appeared to be accompanied by a cardinal (and I don’t mean of the bird variety).

This wasn’t the only couple of the day. Earlier, 4 and I drove out to La Perouse to catch the sunset. There were a couple of bridal parties in the area taking photographs against the sunset. This bride made me laugh: it’s not that common to spot a bride wearing thongs! I’ve also included the sunset shot below that we – and the bride – so patiently waited for.

Bride in thongs

sunset at la perouse, sydney

PS: for those wanting an update on the cat toilet training project. I snapped my mop in half. Enough said.


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