An artistic collaboration

An artistic collaboration

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Artistic collaboration. Cat pee. This is the spectrum of my weekend.

I’m not sure what was behind this daft idea I’m trying to execute: toilet training my cats. I think it was born from the realisation that I couldn’t successfully compost all the cat’s kitter litter in a tiny courtyard. It is a biodegradeable material (as I use the recycled paper litter pelletts), so it irks me that I have to put some of it in the garbage, thereby contributing to landfill. I’m sure that the cost of $18 a bag for the litter also had something to do with it. The idea that there would be no stray little pelletts near the entrance to the bathroom was an added bonus.

So I googled for information about toilet training your cat. I purchased a litter kwitter kit. An Australian invented product which has seen many a person – and cat – dispense with kitty litter forever. It arrived late last week and yesterday I watched the video. It has 3 stages of progression. My first thought was how on earth my girls were going to manage stage 2 and 3. I thought the pre-cursor to stage 1 – swapping their current litter tray for the litter kwitter tray would be easy. That was before I realised they now have greater capacity to miss. So, joy of joys, I’ve been mopping my bathroom floor. Oh well, that new mop head I’ve had for about 6 months finally made it on to the mop.

The other pre-occupation of the weekend has been a piece of art (pictured in this blog post). I had previously commenced painting this canvas. Like many canvas – it stalled. Oh wait… I hear the sounds of cat in litter… be right back.

Oh delight! It was the sound of cat in litter. And she didn’t miss. Good girl Saffron! Right, where was I?

Oh yes, the painting. I had to put the heater away. It is summer. This involved carefully pulling each canvas out of the walk in wardrobe in order to wheel the heater in. In the process I rediscovered this canvas. So on Thursday night I started to fiddle with the background.

On Friday night I had dinner with 4. I took the painting and asked him to draw my face. Oh wait… kitter litter again. (Seriously).

Hmm. Note to self. Saffron is one seriously private cat. As soon as she saw me she stopped scratching in the tray. So I now have to sit here and listen to the noises in hope that any tinkling noise is landing on litter and not the floor, else I mop the floor for a third time.

Umm… painting. Focus.

So Andrew sketched in my face using pencil and conte crayon. To my great delight he was unable to rub it out for corrections! I believe that he is too focused on the acccu…

Argh! Interupted again. Saffron was crying in the bathroom. Seems from private girl, to public display. She wanted me to witness her number poos successfully landing in the litter kwitter tray. Much praise heaped upon her. (Yes, this is like potty training children – or so I’m told).

Yes, 4 couldn’t rub out what he had drawn. So I took it home Friday and on Saturday enriched the background. I fiddled slightly with the face – just enough that 4 had to draw it in again! (Well, tweaking was required).

Of course I didn’t finish before I was due to go to dinner. Well, lucky I have an understanding partner. I couldn’t leave the painting and just go to dinner. I threw a few brushes and paint into a green bag and arrived on Andrew’s doorstep saying – I have to finish this while you cook! So he cleared me a space on the table and I pottered whilst he chopped bacon, mushrooms – and to my horror – onion!

Bacon and egg pie cooked; painting tweaks made; quick – time for us to go watch the moonrise. Courtesy of “The Photographers Ephemeris” tool (for moon rise ‘pathways’) and google earth for terrain I had selected mort bay park balmain.

The evening started well enough. A spot with good accessibility. Unfortunately there was so much cloud cover last night I wasn’t sure we would see a moon (even if the photographer’s ephemeris tool had helped me select a spot where I should be able to see it). And so it came to pass – after Andrew and I took photos of the harbour bridge and waited patiently for moonrise at 7:33pm, that we saw absolutely nothing at all. It started to rain and we scurried quickly to the car and off home. At least there was a lovely hearty bacon and egg pie there to greet me. Alas not. Evil, evil, onion. I tried to pick it out of the pie. I turned around to notice Andrew laughing at me. ‘What’s so funny?’ ‘Flip, it’s like trying to pick the rice out of rice pudding!’ A few minutes later I gave up on the pie and opted for milo and milk.

At least the evening concluded on a high note. Andrew sketched the face back into the painting – oh yes, before I headbutted him accidently causing a fat lip.

I think my weekend has been a comedy of errors.


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  1. I love your life. It’s not really a comedy of errors. It’s a joyful carol of being in the moment – whatever it brings. When you come to dinner in Perth (byo plane ticket 🙂 sorry) I will remember NO ONION. The cat training thing is brilliant. Perseve and you will be amply rewarded. And save $,000s over the lifetime of your cats and be more environmentally friendly and you can take your cats with you on holidays because they are really toilet trained and you are endorsing a great Australian invention. Did I mention I think it is a great idea? LOL. Thanks for the post.

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