Newtown, King Street, Friday night, just before 8pm.

He says: ‘Look at all the people out enjoying Friday night. See all that culture we are missing out on? What’s on at the enmore anyway?’

Me: ‘Miss pole dance australia.’

Him to me: ‘Only weirdoes go internet dating.’

Me back to him: ‘Hey, you did it as well.’

He: ‘That’s different. I was doing a public service.’

Me: ‘Why didn’t you finish grating all the cheese?’

He: ‘I got tired of that grater. It’s useless.’

Me: ‘There’s nothing wrong with it. I got that from St Vinnies.’

He: ‘Yes and there’s a reason someone threw it out!’

Him: ‘This isn’t wonderland and you’re not alice.”

Me: ‘Spoil sport.’



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