Govetts Leap


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‘Let’s get up and take photos of the sunrise’ says 4. Hmm… well that would involve sacrificing my Sunday morning sleep in. ‘Where did you have in mind?’ I asked. ‘Blackheath. It’s only 2 hours away.’ That be 4.

So at 3am this morning I was gently roused from my slumber and told – quick, we leave in 10 mins. Jam on toast was thrust in front of me and milo. Quick, chop, chop! Such was the start of my Sunday morning.

A little over an hour later, DING! Somewhat startled I’m asking 4 what on earth that noise was. He points out that the car dashboard has just displayed a snowflake. I flip through the car manual looking why my car is beeping at me. My car it seems is very considerate and wanted to warn me of icy conditions. I was reliably informed by the book that when the temperature rose back above 6 degrees the warning would disappear. Unfortunately for us, it was some time before it rose above 6. In fact, it just descended further as we ascended into the blue mountains.

Destination reached: Govett’s Leap and a lookout facing due East to watch the sun rise.
Temperature: 2.5 degrees.
Wind: ridiculous.
Idiots: Quantity of 2. Both huddled up in the car discussing camera settings for best light and colour.
Sunrise: beautiful.


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