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I am now the proud owner of a vacuum cleaner. I looked at the name on the box and it got me wondering how a marketer came up with it. I could understand something like the suck-o-matic or the super-vac: both would be predictable. Perhaps if the marketer were particularly bored, they would venture beyond these traditional realms and take a little poetic licence. Maybe “the traction beam” if they were star wars fans… or ‘the death star of dust’. (Sorry, still stuck on star wars). However, my vacuum cleaner is called The Lark.

Now I will admit that it is a light vacuum cleaner. Unlike my mothers I do not require weight training on my upper arms to lift this device. Yet, not matter how ‘airy’ it may feel, I doubt that it is about to flap it’s wings and take flight any time soon. Add to this the fact hoovers typically groan and drone rather than chirp or cry and I’m sure you can see where I am coming from.

Marketers are indeed a strange breed. As are artists. (Yes, I know at this point you’re shouting – tell me something I don’t know!). Some “art”… well I can’t help questioning whether someone is playing a joke on others. It’s seems a case of how far can I push this and call it art and people still take me seriously. Take the various statues around Sydney which have been “dressed up” in Sydney at the moment. That rights, someone has gone to the trouble of erecting scaffolding around the statue of Queen Victoria in the QVB. They have then given her a hat which looks much like a shower cap; a cloak and a skirt. She looks quite ridiculous. Much like an overdressed fat angel on a Christmas tree that your child created in grade 2. You know the ones I mean? Darn ugly but you have to put them up anyway. I am not sure what is artistic about dressing up statues. I just don’t get it. The clothes are gaudy, kitch and do not in any way reflect the subject of the statues. So is some artist going to tell me that is the whole point? If it’s supposed to be about fun and jest, then the decorations don’t go far enough for me. Good old Queen Vic still looks frumpy – coloured true, but frumpy. Perhaps a garter and some Priscilla plumes and I could at least have a chuckle.

In contrast to weirdly dressed statues are the banners which line George St at the moment. These contain photographs of children, adults, women, men, people of all different cultures. I think this is part of the same “art out and about” festival. While the statues leave me cold, I can’t help but enjoy the warmth and humanity of the faces in these banners; softened even more as they are guided by the breeze. The faces are so large against the city backdrop. The one in the photograph above (of a young smiling girl with her hands on her chin in front of the QVB) is one of my favourites.

With that, I bid you goodnight. And just remember – you can believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast.


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