An unlikely collection

Skirt fabrics and notions

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4 is watching a terrible American movie which – in its own classification at least – is a comedy. I’m finding it as amusing as mosquitos sucking on my arms during an Australian summer. This I suppose is the joy of a bedsit. There is really nowhere to hide. So even though I have crawled onto the couch and grabbed my laptop, I’m still getting the movie by osmosis.

The photograph to the right is of assorted materials which I’m using to make a winter peasant skirt. The basic fabric is a heavy crepe – chosen in order to carry the weight of the embellishments. I’ve raided my art supplies and leftover pieces from previous projects. This has resulted in gathering a lovely collection of black materials with gunmetal and pewter highlights. I have ribbon, braid, buttons and lace. I feel a little like the quangle wangle quee… oh yes… on the top of the crumpetty tree the quangle wangle sat, but his face you could not see on account of his beaver hat, for his hat was a 102 feet wide with ribbons and bibbons on every side…

What is a bibbon anyway?


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