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I’ve been on twtter for just over 2 months. It’s been an interesting experience and so I thought I would share my NEWBIE TIPS FOR NEWBIES. Actually, these are not my tips. You will find numerous articles, tweets and people willing to give you advice when you join the twitter world. You will also find a whole other group of people who look at your IQ has just dropped to 65 – and that’s on a good day.

So here’s the tips I’ve read that as a newbie I’ve found invaluable. I hope you find them useful. I’ve put my interpretation on them!

1) Thank you is 10 characters. You can afford 10 characters. Go on, it won’t hurt!

I’ve noticed in myself that I’m more willing to read certain people’s tweets; more likely to re-tweet what they say. I wondered whether this was because they had better content than others. To a certain extent that is true. However, more often than not, I think its because some people know how to say thank you.

2) Leave some space. You will see people often advise trying for 120 characters instead of 140. Now I know what you’re thinking. They give me 140 characters – I’m going to use damn near every one. That use less concept is only for people aiming for a re-tweet and I’m not one of those. But seriously, this one makes a lot of sense. Sometimes I read a fantastic tweet and I want to share it. I hit re-tweet and voila, 140 character limited exceeded. If it’s really good content, I may try to remove a few words while retaining the meaning. Truthfully though, sometimes I just can’t be bothered being an editor for some other twitteree.

3) Find some twitter role models to follow. I’m not talking about the celebrity that you like most; or a twitter giant. I mean someone YOU would like to emulate. Someone you follow and you don’t want to miss their tweets. 3 important twitterers in my learning curve have been: @lesleydewar, @catebolt and @GWPstudio. Lesley is a Perth grandmother and astute businesswoman. Make no mistake: twitter is clearly a business tool for Lesley. So how is she different from so many people on twitter? Follow her and find out. Unlike some business people, Lesley readily engages in conversation topics outside her business. She has a true enjoyment of twitter which is contagious. Still in the business realm is @catebolt. At first you wonder what this Queensland mother of 9 is selling. Then you realise she’ll sell anything if it will help her raise money for causes about which she is passionate. Cate does this with a fantastic sense of humour and wonderful sense of community. I look forward t Cate’s tweets during my morning commute. My third mention is @GWPstudio. If I’m looking for fantastic photos and interesting RTs this is the account for me. Even better, like Lesley, thousands of followers does not stop @GWPstudio from actively engaging with you and answering a message. I appreciate once an account gets to a certain size this becomes harder and harder to do; which is why I have great respect for those who manage to ‘delay’ their transition to the broadcaster status.

4) It’s ok to unfollow someone. The first time I added someone, only to discover their tweetstream didn’t really interest me – and in some cases offended me – I felt like I couldn’t remove them from my list. Somehow I had this strange sense of – I followed them – I’m stuck with them. No longer. You don’t hit it off with everyone in life and so it is on twitter. No problem. That’s what the unfollow button is for. If someone uses it on me, I won’t be offended. I’ll just conclude that they were up for a stream of art, social issues, dressmaking, cats and nonsense!


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  1. Thanks for the mention in this post and both Cate and Paul are friends of mine, too. For the very reasons you mention. Twitter is somewhat engaging for business, but its greater attraction for me is to get to know other people and have conversations around a wide range of topics. From football to flower gardens, whales to walking, politics to poetry, I love my Twitter community. You are a most welcome participant.

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