I was surfing links via twitter tonight. Pictures of volcanoes, clouds, art when I came across 100 sources of blogging inspiration. (

Source number 77: Write about the things or people you are thankful for” struck a chord.

I spent time today listening to people who work with youth in trouble. Whether it was kids (12 to 18) already behind bars; or those trialling different drugs or abusing alcohol. So it seems only fitting at the end of today, to go with source number 77: things to be thankful for.

These are in no particular order. (Which is a good thing otherwise the cats may be protesting that they are not first!)

If you think this is going to bore the pants off you, perhaps it will. I suggest you stop reading now if that’s what you fear. I have no issue if no one ever reads my list of ‘thankfulness’: it’s probably a good thing for me to write for myself. Then again, one who does not read, may not find the buried oddities within!

1) I grew up with very supportive parents
2) Bus drivers like Captain George do exist
3) There are people who are committed to helping those who are less fortunate – I met 4 of them today. One of them with 17 years helping teenagers without stable homes
4) I have two beautiful cats who make me laugh
5) I live in a digital age
6) I do not go hungry
2) I live in a beautiful city (does anyone ever tire of seeing how beautiful our harbour is?)
8) I ate mashed potato and custard last week – fortunately not together.
9) I do not have diabetes
10) Art exists in my life; a wonderful form of self-expression
11) My neighbours with trumpet playing child moved out
12) I have a little red tractor for a car!
13) 4 (not that’s not a typo)
14) Good boss. Nothing worse than a boss one has difficulty getting along with
15) I know what a snark is. I think.
16) Modern medicine.
17) Strawberries with vanilla bean yoghurt
18) I can walk without issue
19) Alice can believe 6 impossible things before breakfast. I’m thankful a man over a century ago concocted such nonsensical characters.
20) The slotted spoon can catch the potato (for the Sondheim lovers)
21) I have a memory of 1 of my 2 grandfathers, the other I was a little young when he died.
22) My dressmaker teacher – a truly remarkable, albeit eccentric woman.
23) I am not Anne Boleyn
24) for the music of Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald and lastly,
25) thankful that pobbles are happier without their toes

I think I could have easily gone to 50 or 100. However enough for one night. What 25 things are you thankful for?


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