Rupert’s near death experience

A month ago, I thought twitter shmitter. I had no idea how to use the thing and no inclination to do so.

Then my boss allocated me a research project and I decided that I had to face up to my ignorance and learn what on earth this tool was; how people used it for fundraising; networking or whatever else it was that they used it for!

I created a work account and started to watch different not for profit organisations. This was fantastic for observation purposes but I had no confidence to ‘tweet’. So I set up a personal twitter account and took my baby steps in twitter land.

I’ve spent a little time each work day for the last month reading about viral marketing, online fundraising tools and how social media or web 2.0 fits into both of those. I’ve been heckled by my father and my partner… (oops, I didn’t say partner. Read that person who’s like a partner but not!)… for twittering at work. My father said to me ‘You’re supposed to be WORKING at work…’. Before I could set him straight – my mother did – she IS working.

So in the space of a month, I’ve gone from twitter virgin to twitter addict. I’m enjoying following and interacting with people on my personal account @scroobious_pip

I’ve met – at least in cyber terms – a lovely lady from Perth who has been very encouraging and patient with all my questions.

My enthusiasm, delight and intellectual curiosity for this project has been clear to all in the office. (Yes, I know that some people will question whether you can use intellectual and twitter in the same sentence. I assure you it is quite appropriate). It’s that excitement that has seen ‘tweet caretaker’ status bestowed upon me by a colleague who is off to Japan. I have to say, I took little convincing. ‘Yes, I’ll be rupert – the sock puppet – while you’re away.’ (Turning to boss, can I, please?)

See it’s something about single red-headed women in caretaker roles at the moment!

Of course, some of my colleagues are scared. Poor rupert, what on earth will happen to him in the next fortnight?

Tonight I brought him home. ‘4’ came over for dinner and I introduced them. Saffron and Licorice also became acquainted. I’m happy to say that Rupert escaped injury.

So if you are interested to see what Rupert gets up to for the next fortnight you can follow him on @HUSHrupert.

Lastly, a big shout out of thanks to @LesleyDewar. To date my blog has had an audience of 2 people. Give or take. It’s really here for my own amusement and because dad likes reading my waffle. Thank you Lesley for you comments about my blog and for tweeting it to your many followers. I’m sure that after a few of them give it a visit, I could up my readership to 5… who knows, I could even hit double digits!


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  1. Sorry Lysh, i would rather read a blog than that twitter stuff. Discussed your previous comment about invasion of privacy with an OS member after viewing photos of the Show at Ashfield Mall.

    I knew the Photographer was there but didn’t know he was taking pictures of me!

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