The Himalayan Driving school


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Coming home this evening I passed a Chinese takeaway joint, a noodle shop, followed by the Himalayan Driving school. Hmm… is that the school I should attend if I’m to drive in mountainous terrain? Or is the name taken from the fact that for some people getting one’s license is like climbing a mountain? I found myself thinking I should carry a notebook around to jot down these oddities so I do not forget them.

Another unusual sight recently was a man in newtown, wearing very little. Not unusual for Newtown – even in the dead of winter. However he was wearing a singlet; braces; bloomers; naked legs; jumbo sized bear paw slippers and an aqua sequined bow tie around his neck. If this guy was a street performer, what exactly was his act?

If you are wondering what any of this has to do with the photo to the right (of a black labrador holding an orange toy ball in his mouth) the answer is absolutely nothing. Unless of course there is a connection that I have missed – open to suggestions!


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