Calling all Takin’ Over the Asylum fans

Every now and then someone uses a piece of music so well, that the music has a whole new life. Think Unchained Melody and Ghost, What a Wonderful World and Good Morning Vietnam, I Will Survive and Priscilla Queen of the Desert…

Takin’ Over the Asylum doesn’t just have one song it uses well… the soundtrack is almost a character of the show in its own right. Google it and you will find that the music was done by Junior Campbell; however I can find neither a CD or a full song listing.

So with the help of the shazam app, and lots of lyric sites, I’ve been slowly identifying songs. If anyone can direct me to a site which already lists them…. please let me know. This list is only up to episode three… but here goes. Strangely, it contains many songs I would not normally listen to… yet associated with that show, I can’t help but enjoy it.
If you haven’t seen this BBC drama featuring a very young David Tennant as well as Ken Stott, do yourself a favour and grab yourself a copy. You will laugh and cry.

Note: many have been covered by numerous artists, so for the most part I’ve left that out.

Episode 1:
1) Umm… unidentified – good start eh???
2) I’m going to sit right down and write myself a letter
3) Hey Jude
4) Summertime Blues
5) To know him is to love him
6) Help
7) If you don’t know me by now
8) Hey Jude (reprise)

Episode 2:
1) Money, that’s what I want – The searchers
2) I hear you knockin’
3) Going out of my head
4) This Ole House – Shakin Stevens
5) Good Vibrations – The Beach Boys
6) We’ve gotta get out of this place – The Animals
7) (Your love is lifting me) Higher and Higher
8) World without love?
9) Great Balls of Fire – Jerry Lee Lewis
10) Doo Run Run
11) Hound Dog – Elvis Presley
12) Stay – The Hollies

Episode Three
1) Dancing in the street
2) You always hurt the one you love
3) The party’s over
4) For once in my life
5) Day Tripper
6) I want to hold your hand


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