Technology and a leaky bus

Oh the joys of technology.

I can now write posts from the bus. This will of course be my excuse for poor spelling in the future.

Isn’t it strange? We can invent little devices to help us connect to web in transit but not yet a bus that flies over traffic. Oh wait, that might be called a plane, right?

Periodically a little gush of water drops from the emergency exit in the ceiling. Joy oh joy. I can barely see out the windows however wherever the he’ll I am I know it is in a status of late. Dad, contrary to what I told you about no one reading books on buses anymore the girl next to me is and the guy across. The student next to me also has her iPod in (and on). Aha. That’s right she’s one of those iGen multimedia multitaskers. Far out when did I get old?

Random thought: I saw a guy on a bicycle the other day (non-raining day) and he was wearing bell bottoms. I don’t mean bootleg jeans. No, full on bell bottoms. Ok let’s overlook the question of when they became available again. More importantly who would wear them while cycling. Pedal. Lots of fabric. One logical conclusion.

Hmm typing with one finger is kind of shitty.

But just one last remark – to the toasty warm low model television- you’d be well advised to find some devices to protect your ears from getting bitten in revenge for nasty nasty comments about soft fluffy pillows while flip endures crappy cold wet noisy bus.


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