Derelict hope

Derelict hope

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11:51 am today. Phone beeps. Text message. “The older guy over the back and around the corner is dead on his floor, might have there a week :(”
The scary part is that I don’t find it that hard to imagine there are people who have so little contact with others that no one notices them disappear. At work I often hear that one of the key issues people who are homeless or extremely disadvantaged face, is social isolation. There is a campaign at the moment – hush for homelessness – centered around that very theme.
One of my work colleagues must have a strong network of friends. He and another girl have committed to stay silent for 3 hours as part of the hush campaign. So far she has about $200 in sponsorship and people have pledged around $2000 for him. Perhaps he’s someone who talks too much 😦
4:42pm – my friend, whose neighbour has died, says to me – there are all these blowflies. I can see them near the window.
Cat cuddles all afternoon. I love a good cuddle from my girls. There is just so much of them – to – cuddle.
I pick up some fairy wings and drive 3 minutes up the road to see my neice. I arrive to find her dressed like a mermaid with a tiara on her head. Her face lights up when she sees the wings. I ask her, does she know what happens a week before her birthday. She says no. I said, it’s my birthday a week before yours. I explain that I had a fantastic present this year from a good friend. I tell her that someone made a fuss on me. I ask her whether for her birthday she’d like to pick her favourite costume; I’ll curl her hair; we can go to the park and take photos. To my delight she thinks this is just the antz pantz. So next Saturday afternoon is dress-up day for her birthday.
7:30pm. Phone rings. Friend says, just caught someone trying to break into my neighbours house and steal his stuff. Smell is horrendous – makes you dry-retch. I called the police.
I hang up and wonder about these opportunists. What drives people to go into the house of someone recently departed; and discovered; and withstand the smell and the flies… for what?
10:30pm. Have to remove cat from lap so can prepare for bed. I scoop her up and transfer her to the washing basket. Saffron tolerates the transfer and Licorice joins me by the keyboard; telling the story of my day.


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