Goodbye Mister Tom


This canvas started life intended as a gift. As such it originally contained images, colours, patterns that I associated with the gift recipient. I don’t actually have any photos of it’s early incarnations… at a certain point, the direction of the painting changed. After all, one can’t gift a painting to someone who is no longer in your life. So I tried to make the painting about the person leaving. I failed. I painted over it again and again. Never quite completely covering the canvas to white. To cover its history entirely did not seem appropriate.

On New Year’s eve I finally had a breakthrough with the painting. I obliterated with abandon. I smeared paint all over it not thinking about colour, shape or pattern… just obliterating… laying a new foundation. See image on RIGHT for what it looked like a fortnight ago.

Since New Year’s I’ve put some crayon on it and tweaked here and there but I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with it.

Over the last couple of nights it started evolve into something else… I turned the canvas and had a different view of it. Tonight, while watching a 20 year old documentary on Brett Whiteley called “Difficult Pleasure” I suddenly felt like I knew what I wanted to do to finish it. (I had to rewind the doco several times as I kept missing bits while I went off on my painting). A very strange painting evolution indeed!


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