There ain’t nobody here but us chickens…

3rd print

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I was a pig at lunch and opted for camembert and crackers. This is one advantage of working in the city – supplies are nearby!

The day started early with gym before work. Going to the gym on Sunday morning (as I was) takes away part of my weekend; yet during the weeknights I’m quite tired and once home have no inclination to move. Anyway, weeknights are reserved for leisurely painting, dressmaking, cat cuddling or my once a week dinner with mum and dad.

So I opted for this morning. The gym wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be pre-work hours. Anyway, back to being a pig and where the chickens come in to this story.

When collecting the camembert I was given a free coles Christmas magazine. I thought it was worth a flick for any decent collage material. Pictures that I incorporate into my art do come from the most unlikely sources. This was a little optimistic as being a Christmas magazine it’s filled with pictures of roast chickens. Feathered ones I maybe could work with, but stuffed chickens? This got me wondering, what would be the point of putting a stuffed chicken in a collage? Moreover what would one put in the piece with the chicken? It couldn’t be other food… particularly not a slurpee else it would look more like an advertisement for fast food than a piece of art. (Yes, I do realise what I just said and understand that the concept of putting roast chickens in artwork is really raising the question of whether it was art). Maybe the only way it could work is to think of something that would NEVER go with a chicken – a bi-plane perhaps piloted by the red baron? I’m sure that no one could accuse me of copying with that combination.

Then again looking at the pictures of roast chickens made me realise that they really can have a lovely colour to them; possibly turkey breast photography can be recycled into abstract colour concept. After all, who would know that it was once a chicken in a coles magazine?

At any rate tonight’s creative efforts didn’t extend to collage or paint. Rather I cut out the fabric for a skirt I’m making. Not the pictured fabric actually. I thought I’d do the first one on some fabric which was both cheap and I have more meterage than I need.

Anyway, I can go to sleep wondering how to make Christmas dinner images work in art or – probably better – where to find less challenging collage material.


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