Movember Mystery Man

This is a photo of a friend who will not let me take a photo while he’s sporting a moustache to raise money for charity. He’s raised over $400 to date and with November not yet over… hopefully he’ll get a little more. (His ‘mo’ link is here)

It’s the only photo that I took today. I had planned on taking a few more – particularly of the barnacles growing on the rocks and the lovely colours which flowed through them – almost like marble cake! However once I fell over on those rocks I lost my enthusiasm for photographing them. Fortunately just a couple of grazes. Saffron did much more damage when she scratched my foot a few weeks ago.

I’ve had lots of cat cuddles this evening, so I seem to be forgiven for spending the day picnic-ing with my friend and his little dog ferret. This is good as it was a most enjoyable picnic… double brie, mersey valley cheese, french stick, prawns, a pleasant spot, interesting conversation and a bundle of ferret energy. Thankfully we seem to have exhausted him and he went to sleep in my lap on the way home. (Much lighter than either licorice or saffron!)

I’d started this painting the other night. Originally it was lighter both literally and figuratively speaking. This evening I transferred the candle on to it. After I finished darkening the painting, photographing and cropping it, I thought about how some flames will take such a battering from the wind and still remain alive. Yet others are snuffed out so quickly. Perhaps candles are like people – some have more resilience than others.





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