Week end

This is where it went

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I got home from work tonight and by 7:30 felt like falling asleep. I was very tempted, however thought I may just end up wide awake at 4 in the morning if I did that.

So I got out a piece of watercolour paper that I had recently put a green wash on. I had no particular plans when I started the piece… ‘just green’. I do find green a particularly challenging colour to work with.

This piece is a result of many accidents.

Alice is upside down and has no head. That would be rather cool if I had planned her that way… ‘off with her head’; down the rabbit hole she goes etc. Perhaps my unconscious mind planned it that way. All I know is I intended to have her right way up and with head well and truly on. I smothered the photocopy with soft gel medium and when I went to flip it onto the watercolour paper realised that she was facing the wrong way. I didn’t have a mirror image version of that copy (often I have copies facing each way for transfer purposes), so quickly slapped her down before she was useless.

Poor alice… she had a green face. Incredible hulk style. It just wouldn’t do… so I found a frog and an owl and ‘off with her head’…

As for the buddha… well, I played with the idea of a nude figure. That didn’t quite sit right… owl, frog, upside down little girl and nude figure… nope. So of course, the perfectly logical alternative was a buddha. And not just a buddha… one with a chocolate wrapper as part of his body.

What can I say? It’s been a very long and tiring week.


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