Unstuck – temporarily

Last August I started this painting. I really like the ochre coloured lines and the blue. Wasn’t so sure about the dark patch. So I painted over the dark with some titan buff (cream), and re-stashed it in the bedroom with the other unfinished canvases.

On Sunday the 3rd of May, after all my complaining about being ‘stuck’ with the paintings, I pulled out this old canvas and this woman appeared. In a very short space of time, there she was and I was instantly delighted that the ‘drought’ had been broken.
On Monday I went to work and in the afternoon there was a notice advising that organisational changes would be announced on Wednesday. We all suspected redundancies. I thought about whether our team would go… I even said to someone it would be all of us or none of us… yet logically, I thought it highly unlikely they would get rid of us. Therefore it was a complete shock when I was told on Wednesday that my position did not exist. It was an even greater shock to find out that my 4 colleagues had been re-deployed and re-assigned to different sections of the Organisation, as I had concluded we were all leaving. There hasn’t been any painting in the last week – I think about it. I would like to paint. Obviously still too many other things going on in my head to pick up that paintbrush yet.

I have got 2 new kitties though… more about them later!



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