New friends

With no hope of chilli returning to live with me due to her need for frequent feeding of small meals to prevent vomiting, I had started to think about getting another cat. I’d contemplated it on and off for a few months. There were times I was resolute – no more cats for me (especially after chilli went back to mum and dad’s place after the failed second attempt). Other times I’d think maybe when this happens… or that…
After the shock of the redundancy, I thought about it again. I never expected to be made redundant. I don’t expect to be evicted either… but if I stop myself from making decisions in fear of something that might happen, I never enjoy. So I’ll deal with WHAT IF, when what if happens.


These two beautiful girls are sisters from 2 different litters. They are both overweight and despite being on a light diet at the cattery have actually put on weight since being there! They are 4 and 7 years old and were surrendered along with their sister, Shadow, because the owner moved interstate. Shadow was more aloof and not particularly interested in playing with her sisters so was put up for adoption separately – and I’m happy to say has found a home. The then named Marilyn and Tiger-Lily needed a home together. Fortunately I had decided that I was looking for 2 cats so that they could keep each other company. I also wanted older cats who did not need as much attention and entertainment. I didn’t think it would be fair to get kittens if I was working full time and I feared for the state of my unit when I arrived home.


These girls have been with me 3 1/2 days now. They are settling in well. Within 4 hours of arriving home, after initially hiding under the bed, they claimed posession of the top of the bed – it’s not my bed anymore I can assure you!

 Finding New Names

The biggest challenge on day 1 was trying to find them new names. They are indoor cats so it isn’t like they need to know their names for me to call them in at night. I am convinced that Marilyn (who was called Manson before arriving at the cattery) did not know her name anyway and tiger-lily just would not do. I contemplated Lily – but I wasn’t terribly keen. Perhaps if she was a slight and delicate thing it would work, however she is ernormous!

I’m delighted with their new names of licorice and saffron and had a hoot of time reading through lists of possible names on a website and brainstorming.

Clever play on words:

  • Catastrophe
  • Decathlon
  • Catatonic


  • Caligula

A little odd

  • whatever (which would be as good as Abbott and Costello’s Who’s on First)
  • for an all ginger cat mum and I liked darth vader
  • for a hairless cat – fluffy
  • Figaro and Fledermaus had operatic style but didn’t seem particularly feminine

We then started on paired things:

  • echo and… ummm… echo (a friend said that would be cruel!)
  • doppleganger and ditto
  • krispy and kreme
  • quangle and wangle… but I was missing quee

Then I was on a “fat” theme

  • doughnut
  • pobble
  • gumballs
  • igloo (well, they’re round!)

Mahogany and Marbles were seriously considered, before finally settling on licorice and saffron.

As for how you tell them apart… well, that’s probably best left for another time.


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  1. awww! yea! yeah, My cat is officially called Tygr or Carbonetta but I end up calling her ‘fat kitty’ all the time!

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