This is one of the few pieces I have completed lately. The brushwork around her head is a little rough and if I had wanted to, I could have worked longer to refine her. As I didn’t feel like making her more “polished”… she ended the journey here. The king stamp has been re-used (I had left over from the previous picture) and here his head is at least attached. The snake on the left has been transferred. There have been a few snake images floating around on the floor (my workspace). I really should clean up the collage materials from time to time and introduce some other creatures. This piece is quite impossible really. Her dress and her face are the same colour yet the skin on her back is bright orange. The orange at the base of the spine was there and I had gradually worked it darker and darker. After a while I looked at it, used the artist’s eraser (white paint) and returned to the orange. It doesn’t make logical sense that her face and her back are two different colours. Surely though, if she can walk around with a snake a king and slightly green hair, shifts in her skin should not be an issue.



This is the plethora of paintings I have “in progress” at the moment. I’m stuck. I’ve heard it said time and time again that nothing will happen if you don’t take pen to paper, brush to paint and START. So I start. I start a lot. <big grin>. Usually I can come home and shuffle through the pile and one of the unfinished pieces will say “pick me”… yet even that isn’t happening at the moment. Then there’s the OTHER problem… when you fall in love with a piece and become afraid to touch it.


Such is the case with “there be dragon here?” I attacked this piece a while ago as it was not working for me. It had the most magnificent colours (changed here… some of the crimson has been lost). Yet it had no direction, much like many of the other pieces above. I started re-watching some creative catalyst art dvds I own, one of which is on abstract painting with John Salminen. He talks about defining a white shape and a dark shape. As I already had part of a painting, I couldn’t follow his methodology that well. Nevertheless I attempted to make an irregular and not terribly “predictable” white shape and dark shape. The latter is a little difficult to see. In contrast the white shape leaps from the page. Despite trying to make a random shape, I am convinced that I have a dragon instead. Alteration is still required to this picture and that will take some courage as destruction is always a risk with alteration. I do not have such courage tonight, so instead I’ll sloth around in my gym clothes and a much loved oversized alpaca jumper and flip through art books instead until I’m ready to hit the sack.




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