105 completed

The piece to the right started earlier in the week, primarily with washes of phthalo green. This particularly green is very dark but with a little water can be quite vibrant. When mixed with blue it makes rich peacock like colours. This green leans towards blue with no hint of lime, olive or yellow in it. When mixed with cadmium red it makes a fantastic dark – near black. I had no plan when starting this piece – as per usual. Each night I came home it acquired some more blobs of paint. I thought that it may, like many of my pieces, turn into a portrait. One of my favourite self-portraits was done using phthalo green, cadmium red and white.
In the end it became a piece about what was happening in the world of those around me. My friend this week received some very upsetting news. Her parent had attempted suicide by taking 105 pills. He is yet to retain consciousness. I don’t expect anyone to look at this piece and “like” it. I certainly don’t.


On a brighter note, progress has been made on the ‘Leonardo’ dress. (Excuse my poor picture alignment here… my HTML skills are not the greatest). With autumn truly arriving I doubt that this dress will be worn this year. However I will plough on to finish it so it is ready for summer. I need to do some unpicking, which on this fabric, requires patience. Sometimes one can pull the thread with abandon but the upper layer is so sheer that it is likely to result in holes. I think that shall have to wait for another day for while it is only 10pm, my body still thinks it’s 11pm!

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Posted on April 5, 2009, in Art. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. megan pickwell

    sorry to hear about your friends parent. looks like the artwork was a good way of venting the news.
    Love the dress – wear it with a coat or jacket, don’t put it away!

  2. 🙂 powerful art my friend.

    I wonder if you could put your art onto the fabric for a dress?

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