I’m considering doing one of the short courses available at the National Art School. It is run over 5 Saturday’s and is about using photoshop to test compositions and blend images together in preparation for painting. While I admire digital artwork and would like to explore it further I doubt I could use it as a substitute for painting. (I’m attached to the emotional enjoyment of swirling paint around). Instead, for me, digital skills would make a useful adjunct to the brushwork. I’d love to blend images to make my own collage papers so I do not have to worry about copyright on found materials.
The image to the right today is still in progress. (What’s new?) I will admit that she looks somewhat creepy with her left eye half complete. I often have faces with only one eye and have never found them off-putting. Perhaps it’s because she has some details of the eye. I’m aiming to fill in the eye but if it doesn’t look right, I may remove the detail entirely.
This piece has some stitching down the right hand side. The mustard-like cotton was a very good match for the raw sienna that is underneath. In order to do this, I’ve changed the needle on my sewing machine for the third time in as many days. I don’t have an issue using the machine to sew through canvas paper but give I am dress-making at the moment, I switch the needles so as not to blunt the good one. I thought about including some blue stitching on the left for texture but I didn’t have a cotton close enough to ultramarine.


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