Two parts pleasure, one part chores

I’ve spent this afternoon alternating between painting, dressmaking and household chores. 66% pleasure sounds about the right balance for me!

In reality, I don’t think I even achieve 33% chores. The fridge is rather empty and I really should have gone grocery shopping this weekend. Instead I was on a mission to find fabric for a dress to wear to Thienhuong’s wedding. As a consequence there were little options re: dinner in the fridge. Given that, I’m extremely proud of tonight’s effort. Pasta with sour cream and mustard sauce, with fresh pecorino (discovered one can freeze the fresh stuff), green beans and a few prawns. It tasted surprisingly good!

On Friday I was working on a dress made out of a very sheer crinkle fabric with Leonardo Da Vinci prints on it. It is so light that I could be sewing air. I’m positive that I broke the record for the number of pins used to secure a princess line seam prior to sewing but the fabric moves without me knowing it. Moves is perhaps being kind… teleports itself into a different position?

I do know the next few steps required for the Leonardo dress yet choose to work on finishing the second black dress instead. The black princess line dress goes with so many things that my teacher suggested I make a second one. I’ve done this one all at home and taken it in at regular intervals for inspections. Apart from securing some facings and the hem it is completed. (Hems are one thing that alas I cannot achieve without assistance). This evening I put a tiny hole in the fabric. It is under the arm, so I’ll stitch it up and hopefully no one will ever see. Disappointing though.

I did indicate on Friday that fabric shopping can be a slightly frustrating experience. Well, it was. I’ve been to 6 fabric shops over the weekend, not including the 2 which were closed. My dressmaking teacher had asked what colour I was looking for, to which I replied… ‘maybe something warm; a burgundy, or a wine?’

That’s why I have olive lace.

This photo doesn’t really do it justice. Some lace is fat and chunky… or the flowers are really prominent. This is a little more subtle. I’m still searching for the right fabric to go underneath.


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