Working with fabric continued

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I’m continuing to work on integrating the fabric into the piece. The wash from earlier dried softer and lighter which took away some of the harsh lines. I’ve since added some stencilling, detail at the bottom of her face (the colour mix is not quite right there) and further washes of acrylic.

I’ve realised that it’s best to continue to work on a piece and try to complete it as quickly as possible if I want it to in any way resemble the emotion it first started with. The longer I leave pieces the more diverse directions they wander in. I suppose this is only natural – after all, who feels the same way consistently for days or weeks at a time? I felt like a lizard the other night and had mixed a reasonably bright green in parts. Tonight, I wasn’t so keen on that colour or the lizard and didn’t mind if he got lost in the process and became background texture. He is still there. This is just good luck on his part; not any exemption from removal on my part.

Tomorrow I’m off to try to buy fabric for a dress to wear to a wedding. Choosing fabric is both a delightful and slightly frustrating experience. I conjure up images in my head of what I am looking for… problem is that usually fabric designers have not conjured the same things! Usually, I find something that is not what I had envisaged but when I see it, I fall in love with it. I’m hoping that will happen tomorrow. If I select the right fabric with the right pattern, then dressmaking can be as satisfying as painting – at least in so much as it expresses oneself.


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