Working with fabric

Working with fabric

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I would love to work more fabric into my art. I think the key is finding ways to integrate the pieces effectively. This unfinished art work features fabric adorned with leonardo da vinci prints. I am presently making a princess line dress with this fabric. It is a crinkle sheer and as such seemed perfect for art work addition as the colours underneath would show through.

I am very happy with the colours I mixed to get a neutral underneath that blends well. While I can clearly see the edge of the fabric under her mouth and ear, I think the colour match is a good one. This limited palette has been cad red, cad yellow and cerulean blue. However I couldn’t achieve a really strong ‘dark’ with those colours alone so when I applied the most recent wash I used phthalo blue instead of cerulean blue.

This is the perfect example of how my images are spontaneous. I have no idea what a lizard, chinese characters, a beautiful woman and some checks have to do with each other. I just felt like them!

I’m pleased that I stencilled in the gel medium characters and checks early to retain the light. I hope that I am able to keep those and some of the light around her face as I try to blend that fabric in.


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