Dressmaking joy!

Today I discovered the joy of the princess line dress. While the dress has 7 panels, given there are no darts or other complications, it can be sewn reasonably quickly. Better yet with folded fabric, I only need to pin and cut 4 pieces to get those 7.

The funniest part of today was turning the dress inside out. When this was first explained to me, I didn’t understand it. How was I to pull the whole dress through the 2cm opening at the top of my shoulder… and why on earth would I do that? It’s really a simple concept but until you see it done, one that plays with your head a little.

Given this dress is at the moment floor length and the fabric a reasonably heavy weight, trying to pull the entire back of the dress through the 2 cm at the shoulder seam wasn’t easy… particularly for the side where I had sewn half the zipper in! At one point my dress making teacher was sitting on a chair and I the floor. Each of us had one side of the fabric – almost like playing tug-o-war. I was supposed to be pulling the fabric through while she held the opening taute. Instead she was pulling me across the floor! We tried very hard not to get the giggles otherwise there is no way we would have ever suceeded in pulling it through.

I still have to secure the facings; overlock 2 seams and complete the hem. But from 7 pieces this morning, to this by late afternoon is rather cool!


Posted on February 20, 2009, in Dressmaking. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. šŸ™‚ there is something comforting to me in the traditional act of dressmaking (if a woman is doing it – *defensively* hey it’s just my opinion not a political statement!).

    It inspires me to see the creativity and the loveliness of the creator as her own model (very sexy!) and the inner child who is still playing dress up.

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