Imperfect woman meets a snake

Originally uploaded by scroobious_pip

Time and time again, I find that unplanned art, is the most fascinating. When I start with a plan, the piece is almost always boring and predictable. Yet it is very difficult to start a piece with no plan!

This piece I love because it is born out of an artistic mistake.

I tried to transfer the woman and was left with holes.

It was one of my worst transfers in a long time. I think I was being impatient and the colour I had put underneath was not quite dry. (What a thought… me? artistically impatient never?)

I looked at her unhappily for a time…

I searched for another photocopy of her…

I wondered whether I could draw in the rest of her face…

and then I decided… stuff it… lets see where it goes.

I like where it went.


Posted on January 26, 2009, in Art. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. mistake? I think not!
    As Bob Ross said “we don’t make mistakes, we only have ahppy accidents!”

    🙂 well done!

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