2009-01-10 2

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I was driving to mum’s to see chilli and found myself noticing the sunset. Sometimes I can get so caught up in things I’m worrying about, or have to do, that these things pass me by. I wasn’t sure whether the light would stay long enough for photos, but I did get a couple before the sun really went to sleep for the evening.

There were other delights this weekend…

  • arriving to find chilli asleep on a bathmat on top of the kitchen bench no less. No wonder she likes her new abode – she wouldn’t be allowed to do that here!
  • eating the last piece of puddy’s rocky road. I’m not even sure that should be called rocky road – it’s a far superior product. Dark chocolate, toasted marshallows, tart dried apricots and craisins. Delicious.
  • Chatting for an hour with my friend of 19 years who is in London. We shared thoughts the painting I am undertaking for her and had girly chat about her wedding.
  • Partaking in brie, tilba vintage, crackers and snow peas for dinner.
  • Mum super-sleuthing her way through the internet to find black brocade with the phoenix pattern in red
  • Exchanging emails with friends

All small moments of delight.


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  1. aww glad all is well and you are appreciating it all!

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