Sketched with paint

Sketched with paint

Originally uploaded by scroobious_pip

I normally paint from light to dark, however, every so often I think it refreshing – indeed challenging – to start on a dark background. In doing so I learn that it is not my natural inclination to mix white in with my colours, or use opaques for that matter. I’m not fond of the pastel like quality which ensues when white is mixed in with other paints. For the picture of an old man on the right, I put a wash of white on one side of the paper, being careful to avoid the darks I needed around his eye. The white was far too strong, so later it was dulled by a wash of burnt sienna with a dash of phthalo blue to remove the redness of the brown.

I’m not sure what this picture conveys in the end. It appears to be one of those pieces which change according to the eye of the beholder. My mum connects him with some sci fi / fantasy realm. Another person says he is spooky. I see some sadness. I wonder if he was identical but different colours, whether the interpretations would differ wildly. Maybe I should try out my photoshop skills (ahem… what skills…) and see if I can change his colours!


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  1. I believe there is always a meaning…

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