My fur baby


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I know that chilli is probably not looking as relaxed as this at the fat farm, but I am taking solace in the fact that she has two very good attendants who are available to feed her minute amounts multiple times a day to prevent vomiting. As mum said, she is a special needs cat. I – and chilly – are lucky to have such supportive parents to take up the caring duties. Next week when I’m back at work it will be good to know that she has company and a steady stream of food. I do miss her though knowing that she is doing ok… maybe even better than here… makes me happy.


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  1. 🙂 chili will be ok, when she beams up to the great mothership in the sky to download all the data she has collected about you it will look favorable on you!

  2. Fat Farm??? Not my fault that every meow is answered with a plate full of food that she is not supposed to eat.

    I did let her out the other morning and she went prowling for a couple of hours.

    Maybe you should call it “Slack Farm”

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