tref milt?

After a hot summer afternoon, a strong breeze is presently berating my tree. The morning will tell if the breeze won, or the tree put up a sufficient argument. Either way, the cool air streaming through is a much welcome relief from the humidity and heat.

Many people at 9:30pm on a Saturday night less than a fortnight before Christmas would be out socialising. I’m at home with chilli, eating a very nice apple, listening to relaxing music and playing word scraper (a game like scrabble) against online strangers instead. It’s certainly expanding my vocabulary, although the use for some of these words may be limited.

Take milt for example, a word an opponent threw at me last night. I had to check this one in the dictionary. Apparently a milt is the spleen of mammals, an analogous organ in other vertebrates or the semen of a male fish. I can really see me throwing that one into conversation! I have more chance of using tref, meaning non-kosher.

I started playing at the suggestion of a friend. I told her that I was useless at such things… and I wasn’t far off! and chilli wasn’t much help…


Word games? I’d rather sleep…


Posted on December 13, 2008, in Waffle and Nonsense. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. My trees have just stopped their mad dance and are now playing dead. It sounds strange to not hear everything rattling.
    I agree today was very hot. Had lunch with family including 18mth old. He saw a seagull and declared it to be a duck. Chased said “duck” and ran through puddles. Just the usual thing for kids. Keep up the word enhancement games. Like the latest 2 words

  2. The very nice apple is sitting on a cloud in heaven with a smile on it’s apple soul!

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