Cooking “cat soup”

Cooking “cat soup”

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Recipe for “cats soup”

  • one stubborn cat who will not eat
  • one stubborn owner who refuses to feed her “treats” just because she has gone on a hunger strike from her regular food (if any strangers are reading this, the owner is not mean; the cat gets sick on other food)
  • patient neighbours (it’s a noisy process)
  • a rolling pin (refined to a mortar and pestle in subsequent cooking)


  • the dried cat food chilli has been refusing to eat
  • water
  • Method

    • Bash the daylights out of the dried cat food pellets
    • Add water
    • Mix
    • Microwave for 7 seconds
    • Blow on it and serve.


    The first time she scoffed it straight away. The second and third servings, she decided that she best not look too interested (just to worry the said stubborn owner); but as soon as owner leaves the room, the food magically disappears.




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    1. 🙂 you added that magical ingredient, vitamin L or as we like to call it here, love!

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