Chilli won’t eat

Lady in black

Originally uploaded by scroobious_pip

Chilli continues to be a handful. She is hungry but does not want her food. As I’ve said before – I don’t blame her. It must be very boring eating the same thing constantly – I just wish I could explain to her the prescription food is because I want her to be well, not because I’m a nasty mother!

I know that there is nothing wrong with her to prevent her from eating (e.g. sore mouth etc)… so it’s a case of waiting it out. She’s drinking plenty…

On the right is a crayon drawing I completed last night. It’s on black paper and the white, grey and light blue crayon has been coloured to leave the outline of a woman – the black making her appear almost as a silhouette. It’s not the easiest thing to do… but I kept reminding myself to draw the ‘negative shape’ and the woman would eventually appear… and she did!


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  1. I think your love will heal Chilli….

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