The art blog of scroobious pip and Chilli the cat.

Darren has linked my blog as “the art blog of “scroobious pip” and chilli the cat. I guess that is an accurate description with a quirky charm. (I like it Darren). I probably had not realised how much my posts were a combination or oscillation of art and cat lovin’.

I think today I’ll start with art. As per my previous post, I delivered the finished comissions painting earlier in the week; timed to be given to the bride between the wedding and the start of the honeymoon. I’m testing the limit of my web skills here, but I’m going to try to embed the link to the slideshow of the painting from start to finish. I think I ended up with about 24 photos shot between July and the finished painting in November. I shortened the slideshow to just a few, but it gives the flavour of the journey. It was a journey not without angst but I’m pleased that I took on the commission and delighted with the end result.

I’ve followed the usual Saturday routine and started with dressmaking class. We started later this morning due to “near death by misadventure”. The near death experience belongs to a very large goldfish, who prior to this incident was unnamed. The offending article was an innocent ironing board that decided it needed to stretch itself out… Iron board meets fish tank glass and said fish met the carpet. Poor Bev who was planning on retiring the acquarium from the house when the last – large, old and seemingly death resilient – goldfish departed; has now had to invest in a new tank and expend plenty of elbow grease emptying bookshelves and mopping up floors. The moral of this tale is that ironing boards and fish tanks are not a match made in heaven and the goldfish should get a name for surviving the ordeal.

I didn’t ask where Indi was at the time of the smash, but heard that the near death experience fish was now leading a sequestered life in the temporary housing shelter (i.e. a bucket) to ensure all kitty paws were kept away!

Chilli perhaps could benefit from eating a very large goldish this week. She has decided that she is bored of the food that she has been eating for the past 8 years of her life. I don’t blame her, but no matter how many times I tell her that the prescription food does not come in any other flavour, she still turns up her nose at it. I think when the packets get low the pellets aren’t as fresh… I guess I wouldn’t want stale biscuits for dinner either. I am thinking I need to store them in smaller air-tight container, so as the contained is emptied, there isn’t as much air in it to make them soggy. In desperation, I crushed her tablet into the springwater from the tuna and once I was sure that tablet was all gone, I gave her the tuna as well. She woofed this down quick smart, confirming my view that she was in fact hungry… just determined that she was not going to eat her normal dinner. As I type this, she has come to sit on the bed with me… which is better than in the window where she was. What a nincompoop – it’s 36.5 degrees outside and she was sunbaking behind the blinds!

Anyway, time to continue with the Saturday routine and move on to nana nap phase.


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  1. If I was a cat I’d want to snack
    on a very large goldish and then take a nap
    but I am a human and I’d ‘preciate
    if mustard and biscuits wuz all i had on my plate…

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