A world of mistrust

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Chilli has been stressed again despite the calming tablets. Yesterday morning I had a long chat with the vet. While this did nothing for chilli per se, it made me feel calmer, so maybe she will be happier because I’m happier! Afterwards, a colleague said to me… what a strange world we live in. Now even our pets are stressed.

Later in the day I saw an online poll which asked ‘Is giving to charity a waste?’ 18,000 people had said yes. Or one very mistrusting person had answered 18,000 times. This made me angry. I’m going to work and hearing decisions being enacted because of budget shortfalls… staff in support sections will not be replaced if they leave so that we can continue to deliver client service etc. Same old story, the media writes a piece on one or two bad apples and the whole industry is damaged as a result.

Then I get home to find an email from someone I don’t know asking about using a piece of my art on a CD cover. I wondered, is it a scam?

When I think about these things, I feel sad. But that was yesterday. Today I’m sitting with chilli right next to me being gorgeous. I’m just about to go off to dressmaking class with a woman who has taught me much more than how to sew. And best of all, I’ve wrapped up the comissioned painting ready for its delivery this afternoon. Choosing to “not see” the mistrust won’t make it go away… but choosing to see delights that are still around me means it doesn’t drown the colour from the world.


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  1. these words are just what i need today 🙂 thanks for posting this

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