High Tea Flowers

High Tea Flowers

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A fortnight ago two friends took me for high tea to celebrate my birthday… well, my un-birthday really. Both friends have young children, so organising dates was very difficult. I was given high tea as it is something that a) one doesn’t buy oneself b) it’s a little opulent and c) it’s very girly!

I thoroughly enjoyed my morning in a grand and beautifully decorated room on the top floor of the Queen Victoria Building. The only thing that still perplexes me is that when you order high tea for 3, there’s 3 scones, 3 pistachio nut meringues, 3 little chocolate cakes… 3 of the other sweets and 3 types of sandwiches but only 2 of each type… Maybe the pastry chef passed arithmetic but the sandwich connoiseur failed? Not that this was a problem as I passed on the sandwiches so my friends did get to enjoy one of each flavour… although Jill was so fast on the sandwich swoop that Emma was almost denied. After that we monitored Jill’s selections for the rest of the morning so everyone did get one of what was left.


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  1. What is more appropriate for high tea than to be given the opportunity to be gracious, as you did by choosing to have your friends indulge in the sandwiches, and they, in turn, indulging your desire to be gracious?


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