Cat assistance the key?


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This is chilli “helping” me list items on e-bay. I do admit to having L-plates, but so far so good. 5 sales; 1 passed in… and today I got my first piece of feedback, so I no longer have a sad ZERO next to my name. YAY!!!!

Another YAY is that Garth-weck-er appears to have gone to haunt another house tonight. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then I would suggest referring to the previous post, if only I hadn’t received feedback that it made no sense whatsoever. For those of you who do persist with my nonsense, I will clarify and say that Garth-weck-er is a) not a native or non-native animal friend… you know cicadas, crickets and the like or b) Garth-weck-er is not the noise that the noise that I’ve named Garth-weck-er makes. So why name him that? Well, gargamel, or whatever that mean dude in the smurfs was is taken. I couldn’t call it, well, ‘it’, because that was far too short and not nearly irritating enough, so I came up with Garth-weck-er. No matter. He seems to have moved on this evening. I’ll let you know if the haunting comes back and you can send me details for phantom noise exterminators.


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