29 Shattered Glass Door

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Beep. One one thousand, two one thousand. Beep. One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand. Beep. One one thousand. Beep.

Wouldn’t it be better if the irritating noise had a consistent pattern? The noise – let me call it something – hmmm… Garth-weck-er… visits nightly at about 11pm. Garth-weck-er has all the charm of a dripping tap. But he is not a dripping tap. He is like a dishwasher clicking on and off the heat cycle. But he isn’t a dishwasher. I have no idea what Garth-weck-er is, other than inconsistent in rhythm but bloody annoying nonetheless. The moment I think he’s gone – beep, one one thousand, two one thousand BACK!

But enough groaning. The highlight of the weekend, was stumbling across the art of Tomasz Setowski while surfing the web. Imaginary, whimsical realism. Painted with precision and a delightful – indeed enviable – use of colour.

The second highlight of the weekend was progress. I painted sides of canvasses – 12 sides in total. I put on coats of varnish. I sold some items on ebay as part of my mission to have at least the same number of items exit, as enter, my limited space. I made a batch of stewed apple. I survived 20 minutes on the treadmill at the gym with the incline turned on. I flawlessly gave chilli her pills 2 nights in a row. These are all little things… but added together they start to outweigh any others. And now I’d like another little thing (greedy, aren’t I?) I’d like garth-weck-er to shut up, so it’s just me, the cicadas and sleep!


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