Christmas in October

Low Bank Account Balance. Vintage Fashion and Jewellery Show. What is wrong with those two items? Nothing, when your mother buys your Christmas present in October!

I went to the Vintage fashion show seeking 1940s dress patterns. These are not dime a dozen – even at the vintage fashion show – so I figured the level of self-restraint I was going to need was at the low end of the spectrum. I think I’ve been to the show 3 or 4 times now. There have only been 5 of them and I know that I’ve been to most. I tried on a dress in last year’s show but it was too small. Being a vintage show, it’s not like once can just ask for a different size. So it was with great surprise that I left with not 1, but 3 pieces of clothing… all the perfect size for me – especially a black Matthew Eager dress. I have to confess to having no idea who Matthew Eager was until I arrived home and googled him. At this point – if the online prices are any guide – my mother was very happy at the bargain she had scored for me. Merry Christmas to me and a good weekend to boot.


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