Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my father’s birthday. Today is also the two year anniversary since I picked up the keys to my first ‘out of home’ home.
As dad has been indulging in golf and orchids – both very apt given it is his birthday – I haven’t yet seen him for his special day. Instead, I took pictures on the bus ride home from the city.
My father and I have long agreed that there is nothing “boring” about the bus routes which make their way through Marrickville, Enmore, Newtown and the City. I took only pictures of surrounds, although there was a lady with extremely purple hair in Newtown that I was tempted to photograph… but I didn’t have her permission and wasn’t about to leap off the bus to get it!
I’ve posted this 426 bus route slideshow on flickr.
I am sure that many people will wonder what on earth those pictures are about… particular in that sequence, but dad liked it and that was the aim.

Birthdays are good things, except the part where you are reminded that you are getting older. So perhaps it is apt that this morning I bought a beautiful book, filled with photographs and thoughts of remarkable older people. I think the youngest in the book is 65 and the oldest about 90 something. It’s called Wisdom by Andrew Zuckerman. I was drawn to the personality that comes through the photography – and in many cases a deep humanity. But don’t worry, I’m not going to get too philosophical and serious… I just want to share a quote that tickled my fancy. It’s from Alan Arkin, a gentleman whom I’ve never heard of (I admit my ignorance!). The quote reads: “Either you’re growing or you’re decaying; there’y no middle ground. If you’re standing still, you’re decaying.” This speaks to the power of the enquiring mind. I am certain that my father – like his beloved orchids – is growing, not decaying. Just yesterday he was enquiring about new subjects – including how much I’d charge to bump someone off. A cheeky answer would have been ‘more than you can afford’, but instead, I engaged my enquiring mind back and asked who he wanted to bump off and why.
At this point you can see why I tag some of my entries waffle, but the astute among you may be wondering why I’ve tagged it art? Well, the reference to the Zuckerman book is no nearly sufficient. The reason for that was I spent the morning making my way to the city to visit the art gallery. The Lost Buddha’s exhibition features 35 statues from around 550 AD. It is remarkable that they have survived in such good order. Truly beautiful limestone carved, and then pigment added, to create – bring to life – the most serene statues. While a number were very large and part of me was taken aback by their size, so many of them had a lovely peaceful quality about them that took away any sense of being intimidated by these large figures. The exhibition runs until some time in November and for those in Sydney, I recommend paying it a visit.


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