Making do

Some days working for a not for profit is a frustrating exercise. I remember a few years ago there was a survey of staff. One of the key findings was around the built environment. People complained about what the office looked like. I recall being surprised. I never really thought about the fact the chairs didn’t match. That generally the only “good” chair is the one you sit on all day – meetings rooms and tables get all the rejects. I didn’t pay much attention to the ‘decor’. After all, it is a not for profit. It is functions does it really matter if it’s slightly out of fashion?

But this afternoon I found myself feeling quite frustrated. In most businesses, employees wouldn’t be waiting until “after hours” to complete tasks because it might crash the server. And while I didn’t crash the server, the server crashed my file. So then I chopped it up into smaller bits, so it wouldn’t time out. I could complete 10,000 records at a time, but as soon as I tried for 15,000 it died. It’s days like this when working in a not for profit is frustrating.

But on days like this I remind myself that I’m not working 70 hours a week to make a profitable company even more profitable. It doesn’t make the frustration vanish, but it eases it a little. Hopefully with a good night sleep, I will go back in tomorrow and find the server has crunched my file overnight. If it rejects it, guess I’ll spend some time tomorrow making the one big file, a few smaller files and try again tomorrow after most people have logged out for the day. Thank goodness this project only comes around once a year.


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