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I know that this woman’s neck is far too long for her body… but given I have supplied her with a funky piece of neck wear… almost elizabethan style… she can afford to be a little odd.

I stamped the asian writing on today. I have an ecletic collection of stamps which I’m afraid don’t get used to their full potential. If someone could invent a self-cleaning stamp, then I have no doubt they would be used far more often. A self-cleaning anything is a pretty cool concept really. I sometimes feel that I only empty the sink of dishes to fill it back up again.

Chill is keeping me company as I write this. I’m pleased to announce that the scoreboard stands at double-digits for me and still only 2 to her. That doesn’t mean she hasn’t had the odd spit-out… just that she hasn’t spat it out so often that I’ve surrendered.

She was in disgrace this morning because she stole my white cotton reel. I arrived at dressmaking without it. But, as per usual, it hasn’t taken me long to forgive her. It’s been a pretty good day really – sewing, painting, cooking and cat loving.


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  1. I love the strength in the face Lysh. I also love the elongated neck – it looks very regal. Sounds like you are having a fun day. Mxo

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