It is with great sadness that I write of a potential imposter leaving comments on my blog. If pressed, I will concede that is plausible, albeit it extremely unlikely, that Queen Elizabeth has taken time out from her royal duties – parades, hand waving and corgi feeding – to go blog hopping and leave comment at (For those of you who have no idea what I am going on about, I suggest reading my previous blog entry and the comments section).

Given my reservations, I decided to consult Aunt Jobiska of Pobble Fame. Now, fret not, fellow Edward Lear fans – you didn’t miss the chapter which detailed Aunt Jobiska’s criminology background. It is far simpler than that… she recently starred in the Dover Amateur Theatrical Society Spring Festival as Miss Marple. To be honest with you, the likeness between a pobble and Miss Marple is a stretch, but Aunt Jobiska has mastered the quizzical look required to play the role, and with a wig and some glasses, passed as well as any pobble could for Miss Christie’s super sleuth.

I presented Aunt Jobiska with my blog posting and the subsequent comments. After taking on her wisdom, I hereby layout my reasons for suggesting an imposter is at work.

Firstly, if it was really Queen Elizabeth, then she wouldn’t have to say that the blog entry was “in her voice”. Secondly, as kindly as Queen Elizabeth may be, it seems highly unlikely that she would take time from her schedule to defend a person who is not even British, and particularly not a freeloader from the colonies. Lastly, the author referred to me as Alyshia, which I do not recall has been printed anywhere on this blog.

This last point, in particular, fills me with dread as the imposter must be someone close to me. However I take solace each night I am haunted by this imposter, that they appear to be a kindly imposter who at least liked the artwork!


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