We both needed a rest


Originally uploaded by scroobious_pip

Well after almost a fortnight of being ill, I’m finally feeling on the way up. Chilli is also recovered, although we continue our daily arguments during pill popping time. Yesterday she spat the tablet out 3 times, after which I had not the energy to fight.

When you find yourself that ill and can do little else but think, it does make you appreciate days of feeling well. After several days of joint pain, I found myself very thankful that this was a temporary condition. Although chilli cannot actually tell me, I think she is happier. The photo is proof of this! Given I was home sick she got spoilt and the blinds were fully opened each afternoon. So instead of just a small sunny space on the floor, the whole living room was soaked in it, and she lapped it up. If there was any doubt over who owns that armchair it was settled this week, it is definitely hers!


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