Let there be knots

Knotwork close up

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I confess, I’m addicted to collage.

When I think collage I automatically think of paper. Initially I was probably rather conservative in my use of materials. As my art has progressed it’s now a case of anything goes… so alongside bought papers, I now regularly use tissue paper and tissue from dress patterns (I love the brown colour and the lines add interest). Dinner napkins, serviette, paper towel all find their way in. Newspaper painted with glazes appear; pages of dictionary (another favourite) and “collage” by way of transferring images.

Now I’ve found a new one… fabric.

The piece to the right features a fabric celtic knot which I bought. These things were originally designed for quilting, or for putting on material things – tablerunners etc.

When I first saw them they reminded me of the chipboard pieces that have popped up in recent years in many stamping and scrapbooking businesses. I love the patterns on those things but the chipboard is a certain thickness that makes blending them into a painting difficult. I’ve learnt that erasing elements I don’t like, or blending elements can always be achieved. Removing thick texture is about one of the only things that cannot be removed “without trace”. The applicuts have similar cool designs but without the texture issue.

The only “problem” to overcome is the porous nature of cotton. However a good dose of matte medium when I pasted the piece on appears to have resolved this issue quite satisfactorily. I’ll know more if I start to put additional layers of paint over the top.

For anyone interested in using these in their art, they come from www.applicuts.com

I do know the person who owns the business through my dressmaking teacher, but I don’t work for them and I’m getting nothing out of promoting her business! I just think that they could be a very interesting product to incorporate into artwork. I love it when I read about things people have used on different blogs… even if someone else’s particular usage doesn’t interest me, often it will get my imagination going.


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  1. Love the use of the knot – and I now know even the loo paper isn’t safe if you come to visit! Mx

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