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You’ve heard of light speed right? But I wonder is there such a thing as world speed? I don’t mean the speed at which the earth spins. I am referring to the speed at which people live. We have all these things to make our lives quicker and easier. I don’t need to go out to shop, I can use the internet and have it delivered to my door. Banks aren’t required when cash comes from ATMs, or EFTPOS at the supermarket… or then again, no cash at all – just all on cards. People can now write blog entries on their iphones while sitting on public transport. (Not me… no iphone here)

What’s the point in all this? Well, I want to know why in an age where there are all these things to save time, people are always so busy. Perhaps being a single person, I notice this more. When friends get busy, they retreat into their nucleus family. Their lives become a rotating wheel of family committments, engagements and tasks. I phone, email, or text them, but after a while I think that I’m just being annoying so tend to stop. I recently had a friend point out to me that single people can be just as busy; it’s not marital status or coupledom that causes this busy nature. And I’m sure that they are right… after all look at someone like the Dalai Lama – he’s single and he is a very busy man! Still, I’m sure that children make many people time poor as they go from a succession of day care, through school, weekend sports, music lessons and who knows what else.

When I get in these moods I try to remind myself that it’s just a bit of loneliness. It can’t kill me, it can’t hurt me. I have a roof over my head, I have money to pay bills, I have food. If I can just distract myself for a little bit, this will soon go.

So given the only contact with someone else I’m likely to have this evening is my cat… perhaps it’s time to stop pondering the busy lifestyle of others and make myself busy with a spot of painting… or perhaps I should chop up some of those strawberries, throw on some alcohol and then heat them up for dessert.


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  1. Hi Lysh! Only problem with all those time saving solutions is finding the time to use them!! I sat down to pay bills online tonight but have enjoyed catching up on a few blogs much more instead. šŸ™‚

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