Painting to Louis Armstrong’s Trumpet

I read in “Art from Intuition” by Dean Nimmer about a technique of painting to music. Painting really just for the pleasure of painting – not for any real output.

The exercise interested me but I didn’t know whether I was in the mood for experimentation.

I popped on a favourite – Louis Armstrong – and began to paint the bottom left hand corner of this canvas a very dark blue-brown as per a plan in my head – which had absolutely nothing to do with the music I was listening to. At that point I wasn’t “doing the exercise” of painting to the music.

Yet, as the music went on for a little bit, I did start to feel a little more energetic. So I dispensed with the dark blue and began with a big swirl of burnt sienna.

And then I had fun just moving my brush up and down as the trumpet danced along.

I have to say it was very enjoyable. I imagine it’s a bit like what children who are enjoying swishing their fingers around in paint feel like… just fun. There’s certainly a sense of movement in those swirls.

It’s really quite an interesting idea that my head is day-dreaming about what “rhapsody in blue” would look like, or Cyril Scott’s Lotus Land – a beautiful dreamy piano piece… must find out if that CD is still at mum’s place and reclaim it.


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