A walk in another shoes

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I like to collect art books, books with black and white photographs, coffee table books etc. They are a wealth to flip through and let ones mind wander with creative ideas.

My mother just bought me a couple of books to add to my collection. One is called “Odd Jobs: Portraits of Unusual Occupations” by Nancy Rica Schiff. As the title says it’s a book about unusual occupations – anything from the Snake Venom Extractor to the Knife Throwers Assistant.

I thought that my favourite in the book was the Dinosaur Duster, until I read about the Headmistress. What I liked about this particular job was that from the title, it appeared to be a very common job indeed. That was until I read the detail, and I quote:

“Hidden away in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City is a unique and exclusive little school. Veronica Vera is the creator, founder and dean of Miss Vera’s Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls, the world’s first cross-dressing academy. Accordint to Miss Vera, 60 percent of her student boy is married. The curriculum inlucdes such courses as high heel walking, body scultping with corsets, makeup, voice and flirting fundamentals. The term culminates with the final exam: dressing up and appearing in public – as a woman, naturally.”


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  1. your mom’s so cool! hehe. i like to collect books too 🙂

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