Ostrich mode?

Tail is nose warmer

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Some days we all feel the need to stick our head in the sand… the stop the world I want to get off for a second syndrome!

It seems that my mum has been very busy running around for everyone else in the family. Whether it be the the cardiologist with my grandmother, the specialist with my father, dropping me at work / buying me groceries, or looking after her grandson who is sick. So I decided to buy her some flowers and have them delivered. I thought it would be quite special since she wasn’t expecting them.

I asked for a) something long lasting, b) no liliums (because of the cats) and something not traditional / fussy… modern was good by me. So mum got a) gerbras – not exactly long lasting, b) liliums, c) traditional including roses and to top it all off the entire bunch was yellow – my mum’s least favourite colour! I am surprised that I’m not upset by this. I think it just befits the state of play right now where not much seems to go to plan.


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